《Agassiz: Karakia-The Resetting Ceremony 》

(Photography + Video ) Sasha Huber

《Front Light》

Xu Sijin


Ayrson Heraclito

《Stewardess Suffered Verbal abuse》

Wang Lin

《If I tell you the story of my life, tears are coming out of my eyes》

Video) Vered Nissim

《 Monrovia Animated》

(Video) Francois Beaurain


Matteo Basile

《Negative Part》

Hong Hao

《Solara Saturnalia ( Kawaii Kali Redux )》

(Video) Katie Cercone

《My Things》

Hong Hao

《Go into Business at Qingming Festival》

Luo Yongjin

《They Say You Can Dream A Thing More Than Once》

(Video) Versia Harris
  • Bisi Silva (Lives in Peru)

    Bisi Silva is the founder and art director of CCA who has devoted to the study and the plan of international contemporary art and feminine art. Moreover, she has been one of the curators for many significant Biennales.

  • Cui Cancan(Born in 1987. Lives in Beijing)

    Cui Cancan, Chinese independent curator, is active in Chinese contemporary art and the joint area connected art and social movement, who stands out and gets much attention for planning experimental exhibitions and critical projects.

  • Wang Qingsong (Born in 1966. Lives in Beijing)

    Since 1996, he engaged in photography. Solo exhibitions have been organized at the International Center for Photography (ICP), NYC; Guangdong Art Museum, Frost Art Museum, Miami, Daegu Art Museum, Korea. Group exhibitions include Venice Biennale, Istanbul Biennale, Kiev Biennale,Shanghai Biennale and etc.

Curators: Bisi Silva, Cui Canan, Wang Qingsong

Founder and Producer: Chen Huijiang

Chairman of Organizing Committee: Zou Lin

Vice Chairman of Organizing Committee: Zhong Jian

Overseas Organizer: Zhang Fang

Academic / Artistic Director: Zhou Neng

Academic Support: Gao Peng, Yu Xiaofeng

Exhibition Promotion: Wang Zheng, Chen Yongjie

Media Support: Chen Changqing, Wang Yi, Chen Yanqiu

Curatorial Assistant: Luo Jianhang, Li Rongfeng,Luo Tiantian

        This Biennale includes two parts: one is Theme Exhibition, the other is Special Project. Five Units makes up the Theme Exhibition, namely, “Video Art and Film Art”, “Images and Visual Communication”, “Images and books, classic magazines, network”, “Images and Local time, Self-organization, Experimental space”, “Images and Contemporary Art”.

        The objective of this Biennale has settled as “Rip it up”, which metaphorizes that everything develops from nothing, symbolizes that image art are ubiquitous and influenced all trades and professions, and manifests the Biennale‘s ambition to enter into the public full-fledged.

Gold Award-HeYongchang Silver Award-Lu Di Silver Award-Li Binyuan Bronze Award- Feng Lin/Zhaozhao/Hua Weicheng
Gold Award

《The Namesake He》

Silver Award

《I have a reed flute, I will not change it for the scepter of French Marshal》

-Lu Di-
Silver Award

《I have a reed flute, I will not change it for the scepter of French Marshal》

-Lu Di-
Silver Award

《Li Binyuan’s Studio》

-Li Binyuan-
Silver Award

《Green Light》

-Li Binyuan-
Bronze Award

《To Eat Hotpot Like Sun Zhiguo》

-Hua Weicheng-
Bronze Award

《Taklimakan Project》

Bronze Award

《Despair Wife》

-Feng Lin-


Exhibition Arrangement


Opening Ceremony


Award Party